Linkstar Background Boards: Lightweight & Easy!


The Linkstar Background Boards are lightweight and compact making it easy to use in the studio or on location. Available in 6 different colours, the Linkstar background boards are available in 2 sizes to with the possibility to use the green and blue boards for chroma key purposes. A fixed to the longer side of the board are two loops and one along the shorter side, allowing the board to be securely attached to the location in which you wish to use it.


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Linkstar Deep Reflector LFA-R2845 45 Degrees


The Linkstar Standard Reflector LFA-R2845 has a beam angle of 45 degrees. The reflector is silver on the inside and ensures a tight and bright combination of light. That is why it is very suitable for portrait-, studio- and wedding photography.

S-Bajonet connection

The LFA-R2845 Deep Reflector comes with a Linkstar S-type bayonet adapter ring, which is for example suitable for studio flashes of the brands Linkstar, Bowens, StudioKing, Lastolite, Jinbei, Qihe, Menik and Aurora. This adapter ring is not exchangeable.


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Linkstar LED Lamp Dimmable LEB-2245-SY on 230V


The Linkstar LEB-2245-SY Dimmable LED Lamp is suitable for illuminating large areas used for photography and videography. The LEB-2245-SY is equipped with 224 dimmable LED lights, which have a light output of 112W and an adjustable colour temperature of 6500K.

The LEB-2245-SY is flicker free and when switched on, does not reach a high temperature, therefore making it suitable for filming and product and portrait photography. The LED lamp can be tilted in almost every direction and can be mounted on most universal light stands.


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Linkstar B-613C Foldable Photo Table


The Linkstar B-613C Foldable Photo Table is a professional tool used to take shadow free, product photos. The B-613C is therefore suitable for advertisement or webshop product photography. The Linkstar SLHK4-SB5050 Continuous Daylight Set can be used in conjunction with the B-613C to evenly illuminate your product photos. This optional light set can be found in the optional accessories tab below.


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The Linkstar LED Lamp set X5.12, multifunctional!


The Linkstar LED Lamp Set Dimmable with Case X5.12 on 230V comes with two LED panels with each 256 LED lamps. Each LED panel is a high-power LED panel with adjustable color temperature, also both lamps are dimmable. This makes the set ideal for professional shoots. Each lamp has a robust metal housing and a modern look. Due to the high CRI value and the intergrated DMX input and output, the lamps are suitable for the demanding user. The color temperature of each lamp is adjustable between warm light (3000 Kelvin) and white light (7000 Kelvin). The settings of the color temperature are displayed on the back of each lamp, on the LCD display.

Both lamps come with an U-bracket which is equipped with a standard spigot connection so that both lamps fit on almost any light stand. LED lamps produce almost no heat and provide a flicker free light. This makes them ideal for video recording, but also for product and portrait photography. This kit comes with 2 filters to either diffuse the light (white filter) or create a warmer effect (orange filter). A case is included, so you can easily transport the set. Each lamp works on 230V, but also has a connection for a V-Mount / Sony Camcorder Battery (14.8V), which makes the lamp very suitable for usage on site.

Included in delivery:

  • 2 x LED lamp (2 x 256 LEDs)
  • AC Adapter
  • U-Bracket
  • Filters
  • RC-3L Remote
  • Case




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