19 augustus 2014

Linkstar Photobox Kit PBK-50 50×50 cm, suitable for product photography!

This foldable light box is ideal for photographing small products, for instance for placing pictures on your website or advertisements on for instance Ebay. The light box is foldable and easy to take along on location. The diffuse material is very suitable for minimizing reflections and spreads the light equally. The material of the light box […]

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13 februari 2014

The Linkstar Continuous Daylight Set SLHK4, ideal for product photography!

The Linkstar continuous daylight set SLHK4-SB5050 is ideal for product photography, portrait photography and videography. With this set you can create a soft and even illumination around a person or object, so that shadows will be countered. The set is easy to mount because the softboxes are premounted and the tight ribs are easy to […]

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