22 juni 2012

Universal strobist accessory kit

Linkstar is proud to present the SLK-8! This is a strobist set with many accessories to experiment with light! You connect the accessories to you cameraflash using the supplied universal adapter.

The set comes with many strobist accessories with which you can bundle the light or spread it evenly. You can use the set with any cameraflash that has a maximum with of 85 mm and a height of 34 – 58 mm.


The SLK-8 kit comes with different types of accessories, each with their own effect:
– Barndoors;
– A Conical Snoot (comes with two honeycombs, with 3 mm and 5 m grid);
– A Mini beauty dish (comes with three different inner diffusers: gold, silver and diffuse white);
– A Diffuse sphere with a diameter of 15 cm;
– A softbox of 20 x 30 cm;
– Four color filters (orange, blue, white and yellow);
– A Honeycomb with 4 mm grid.

The Softbox, Diffuse sphere and Mini Reflector offer a more diffuse light, while the Honeycomb, Conical Snoot and Barndoors make you able to aim the light in a better way.

Included in delivery:

  • 1 x Universal adapter SLA-UM
  • 1 x Barndoors SLA BD4
  • 1 x Conical Snoot SLA-CS
  • 1 x Mini Reflector (3 in 1) SLA SR173S
  • 1 x Diffuse sphere SLA-DB150
  • 1 x Softbox 20×30 cm SLA-SB2030S
  • 4 x Colour filter SLA-CF
  • 1 x Honeycomb SLA-CBC1610-2
  • Full color packaging
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