16 februari 2015

The Linkstar LED Lamp set X5.12, multifunctional!


The Linkstar LED Lamp Set Dimmable with Case X5.12 on 230V comes with two LED panels with each 256 LED lamps. Each LED panel is a high-power LED panel with adjustable color temperature, also both lamps are dimmable. This makes the set ideal for professional shoots. Each lamp has a robust metal housing and a modern look. Due to the high CRI value and the intergrated DMX input and output, the lamps are suitable for the demanding user. The color temperature of each lamp is adjustable between warm light (3000 Kelvin) and white light (7000 Kelvin). The settings of the color temperature are displayed on the back of each lamp, on the LCD display.

Both lamps come with an U-bracket which is equipped with a standard spigot connection so that both lamps fit on almost any light stand. LED lamps produce almost no heat and provide a flicker free light. This makes them ideal for video recording, but also for product and portrait photography. This kit comes with 2 filters to either diffuse the light (white filter) or create a warmer effect (orange filter). A case is included, so you can easily transport the set. Each lamp works on 230V, but also has a connection for a V-Mount / Sony Camcorder Battery (14.8V), which makes the lamp very suitable for usage on site.

Included in delivery:

  • 2 x LED lamp (2 x 256 LEDs)
  • AC Adapter
  • U-Bracket
  • Filters
  • RC-3L Remote
  • Case




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